Karl Lex completed his studies at Humboldt University in Berlin with distinction and entered a public hospital in Baden-Wurttemberg. In just three years, he became the hospital's chief physician in respiratory medicine.


The "haze crisis" once again affected most parts of Germany. Therefore, the Federal Nature Conservation Association issued a level 3 alert, prohibiting all unnecessary vehicles, and shutting down factories that emit pollutants. After more than two years of treatment, the alert was finally lifted after the levels of SO2 and other pollutants in the air fell. The "smog crisis" ultimately killed 24,000 people in Germany and sickened and hospitalized 19,500 people. At the same time, the number of respiratory illnesses in the hospital where Karl Lex is at has skyrocketed, and the condition has become more and more serious ...


Karl Lex resigned as doctor and set up his own Careair Institute for Environment and Air Quality in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, to start testing the air in areas prone to respiratory diseases in Germany Perform sampling and analysis.


The Skynet ™ high-efficiency five-layer enzyme bacteriolytic mesh filter material was developed through the development of laminated borosilicate microfibers. The Schwarzwald + Black Forest carbon activation technology was born the following year.


Skynet ™ highly effective five-layer enzyme lysotropic mesh filter material and Schwarzwald + Black Forest activated carbon are widely used in sterile wards of major public hospitals in Germany. Highly praised by the German Medical Association.

Karl Lex's premium air purification solutions make an outstanding contribution to improving the air quality of the living environment.